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-HOAGIE MALONE, (Super Fantastic Ultra Show) –“The Miles Partridge CD is great from start to finish. It’s amazing to live in a time when people can self
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RICK SONIC (The Sonic Sedition)
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EBAN CRAWFORD (Reaching For Lucidity Podcast) –“Miles Partridge is everything that an independent artist should aspire to. He is extremely, extremely talented, he’s a great songwriter, he’s a great singer, he’s a great guitarist. There’s a revolution here and Miles Partridge is definitely the poster boy for that revolution.”

Two classical musicians had their child at home in front of a fireplace. Hugh Partridge, delivered the baby and immediately played him a lullaby on his Viola. Miles had a musical start from day one, but as with many great artists, future challenges allowed him to shape his own voice. According to Miles, “I had a lot of people tell me to play what I know, sing from the heart, and always play with the best musicians.”

Since the year 2000, Miles has done just that, touring the South Eastern U.S. non-stop with world class original and tribute acts. During this time, Miles forged musical partnerships with several artists local to the Raleigh, NC area, including reggae/rock drummer and songwriterTimmy Changa, rapper MC Squared, rock bassist Billy Price, and classical pianist/violinist Craig Hanneman. These collaborations provide the foundation for his current production efforts, and starting in 2016, Miles will release at least one album featuring each of these artists. Fans should expect a taste of rock with a splash of reggae, hip hop with twist of 90’s pop/rock, and some acoustic material that will leave you wanting more.

For nearly two decades, Miles’ lyrics have captured the attention of listeners around the world. His soulful delivery and knack for melodies make his work the perfect backdrop for those moments requiring an escape from reality.

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